Off the Hour / June 12th, 5-6 pm / Tar Sands Resistance in Minnesota

credits: Patricia Shepard

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Featured on today’s program:

Today on the program, last Saturday, June 6, the Tar Sands Resistance march took place in Saint Paul, Minnesota. This march was organized in a similar vein as the People’s Climate March last september, and focused on speaking out against pipelines proposed by Enbridge Energy, based in Alberta, which would run throughout the midwest. We’ll hear a report from our correspondent in Minnesota, Jill Bachelder.

Then, we’ll be hearing an interview with Brother Sankofa, a radio programmer at CHRY - York University’s campus community radio based in the Jane and Finch community in Toronto–who will be talking about the station’s unilateral decision to dismiss all volunteers as of April 30th 2015 and rebrand as VIBE 105.

Then, we’ll hear to CKUT’s interview with Nakuset who is the Executive Director of Native Women’s Shelter. Nakuset will share her insights into the ongoing struggles of Aboriginal population after many years of oppressing Residential schools system. The context in which the conversation is happening is a reaction to the events organized by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission several weeks ago in Ottawa.

Last but not least, Project ECOSPHERE is at the TOHU on June 13th-14th,2015. A rich and nourishing program! Sheila Ferrando will speak with Eric Ferland about this environmental event.

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