Off the Hour / May 5th, 5-6pm / MayDay at McGill

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Featured on today’s program:

On today’s program: on May 1st, workers of McGill commemorated the historical roots of International Workers Day and how the worker’s struggle lives on on McGill campus. Though this holiday is celebrated all around the world, Canada does not recognize May Day as an official public holiday. CKUT’s Tiffany Lam will bring us some voices and views from the McGill rally.

Then, we continue to bring you voices from the streets of Baltimore following the police murder of Freddie Gray, and the uprising that ensued. Last week, Pat Dillon of Bhum Bhum Time caught up with the renowned African-American poet, novelist, and musician Ishmael Reed to offer his perspective on the situation. We’ll bring you that conversation today.

Finnaly, Migrant justice advocates are rallied outside the Italian Consulate in Toronto last week, in support of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Over 1,750 people have died crossing in to Europe since January 2015, with over 800 dead in just the last two weeks. The rally in Toronto urged European Union to immediately re-initiate search and rescue operations and to demand that EU and Canada cease interdiction procedures and provide immediate resettlement for refugees from Syria, Eritrea, Somalia, Libya and elsewhere. CKUT’s Antoine Cadaux spoke with Syed Hussan of No One Is Illegal to find out more.

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