Radio Equals Live to CKUT!

Radio Equals comes to Montreal! Dont miss it on our airwaves Monday February 23, Tuesday February 24 and Wednsday February 25 from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Tune in ad join series of live conversations on art and equality taking place in RATS 9 Gallery. Claude Wittmann and his guests speak in as much as possible of an egalitarian way, in the present time, with no preconceived ideas of how and where they will go.


claude wittmann

needs to be called “he”. was born in Switzerland and now lives in Toronto. works as a bicycle mechanic and in performance art. has done deep gender identity work, some of it interactive. “practice”, “meet” and “face” are his new and “transform” is more like the old. currently joining sound, radio and equality with the insight that the body source of this work is his throat. has performed in festivals, in curated events, in self-produced pieces, and in the public space. i want to be a citizen.