Off the Hour / Feb. 6, 5-6pm / AbdelKader Belaouni Obtains Citizenship After Years of Struggle

(Abdelkader Belaouni hosting Radio Sanctuary on CKUT in 2006)

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Featured on today’s program:

-Former CKUT host Abdelkader Belaouni celebrates a big victory. Kader, as he is more commonly known, used to host Radio Sanctuary - The Hour of Power while he was in sanctuary at St-Gabriel’s church in Point St-Charles. For years, he was forced to live there while he was resisting a deportation order back to his native Algeria. Well, Kader beat his deportation order in 2009, and was just granted Canadian citizenship. We’ll be joined on the phone with him to celebrate this victory.

-On February 2nd, AMUSE, the Association of McGill University Support Employees convened for their sixth annual general meeting. Amber Gross, the President of AMUSE spoke more with CKUT about the events at the meeting, including the vote to merge with another campus union, MUNACA, and issues AMUSE seeks to address this upcoming year in their new collective agreement, to be negotiated in April 2015.

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