This Saturday: Nomadic Massive + Rae Spoon + Silent Bones + CKUT DJs!

Fall is a busy time of year at CKUT - aside from all of the usual, exciting programming, we’re also welcoming new students, doing countless radio station tours and workshops, DJing at campus events and gearing up for the annual Funding Drive and this year’s 25th Anniversary celebrations! But you know what? We’re busy and we LOVE IT!

This weekend CKUT is excited to be able to provide DJs for Radical Frosh’s benefit concert for the Immigrant Workers Centre / Centre des Travailleurs et Travailleuses Immigrants.

Various members of CKUT have worked closely with the IWC/CTI to produce programming such as Migrant Voices, and now we’re really happy to have the opportunity to support the great work done by the IWC/CTI in another way!

Performances by Nomadic Massive, Rae Spoon and Silent Bones, and hothot DJing from the William Shatner’s Whiskey Tears Collective. Event details here.