Passing on the Torch on Native Solidarity News

Irkar Beljaars, Native Solidarity News veteran will be retiring March 26th after 13 years behind the mic. Irkar and the CKUT News Department are looking to pass on the torch to a new host(s) and producer(s). We are looking for Indigenous hosts and producers to cover the issues, stories, and perspectives of Indigenous communities across Turtle Island. No subject is off limits. If you or someone you know is interested please contact Gau at

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BFPE hosts If You Got Ears February 2018

Behaviour Function Person Environment BFPE is Amanda Harvey & Andrew Gray

The February edition of If You Got Ears, will focus on a cultural cross-section of music, whether geographically, historically or politically, ranging from raves to clubs to bedroom circuit benders/knob twiddlers. Locating an iconic song within a community, we’ll work from this center point to build genealogy of the social and cultural history surrounding the track, looking at the ways in which the frequencies of electronic music can unite us in a tonal consciousness.

“Electronic circuitry confers a mythic dimension on our ordinary individual and group actions” [McLuhan]

Behaviour Function Person Environment If You’ve Got Ears Andrew Gray + Amanda Harvey

Each week BfPE will thematically explore the textures and genealogies of electronic and dance music. Focusing on an acousmatic approach to track selection, in place of genre, BfPE asks that you abandon your assumptions, to listen carefully, and create your own associations.

Week 1 - Models for Repetition: Nature and Synthesis

Week 2 - Cold + Minimal

Week 3 - Hot + Tropical

Week 4 - Consumerism and Neo New Age


Montreal Sessions Celebrates Black History Month February 2018

Montreal Sessions Celebrates Black History Month February 2018

Throughout the month of February The Montreal Sessions will be devoted to exploring various aspects of Afrocentric music, hosted by a new team each week.

Week Three of the Montreal Sessions Black History Month Edition Feb 20th - with your host Queen Nadine

This episode of the Mtl Sessions BHM edition is hosted by Queen Nadine, a voice you are use to hearing doing listings and greetings on Positive Vibes (Thurs 3-5pm). Queen Nadine takes over for this BHM episode dedicated to Love and Relationships. Featuring, Soul Reggae, soca, R & B Music about love. Self love, community love, parent child relationships, inter-racial relationships, love that feeds you and love that give you a bitter taste in your mouth -these are just some of the issues that will be discussed. Call in and participate 514-448-4013 TUES Feb 20th 3pm - 5pm.

Second Episode of Montreal Sessions Tues. Feb 13th 3pm - 5pm is being hosted by Kalmunity Vibe Collective Special Black History Month Edition. Kalmunity host a weekly jazz series at Resonance each Sunday evening as well as a weekly night at Petit Campus live organic improv-mixing R & B, soul, hip hop, funk, spoken word afro-beats all with goal to inspire and be inspired.

Week - One - Celebrate Bob Marley’s birthday with us Tuesday Feb. 6th from 3-5pm. Join Danielle & TLC, CKUT veterans of the show Skinbusy as they reunite for a 2hr special honouring the life and legacy of Bob Marley.


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