LUX MAGNA (the Great Light)! LUX MAGNA is a 4 day festival with a diverse array of local arts, culture, and music, as well as some out of town guests to warm our collective soul!

Taking place Jan 24th - 27th and curated by a group of women and non-binary curators and artists with multidisciplinary backgrounds from the forefront of Montreal’s art scenes. Lux Magna will warm up your winter with thoughtful soulful inspirational events, workshops and events n Daytime focuses on folks of all-ages including activities for kids, a book-making workshop, readings by the fire, and more.

During the night, shows with everything from hip hop, experimental music, drone, a fashion show, punk, dance parties, and more

Tuesday Jan 8 - Interview Lex Leosis Live Performance -Thus Owls

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Do the Courtneys have a song about [Insert celebrity name here]?

This interview has been edited for clarity.


From Left to right: Courtney the (double!) Pisces, Sydney the Virgo, Jen the (double!) Gemini

First things first, things I should have asked The Courtneys:
1. For sartorial tips from Courtney Loove
2. What true crime show did Jen work on?
3. So just who exactly is your new, yet to be released, song about?

A little more on that last one later.

The Courtneys are a trio that churns out consistently catchy garage pop tunes. They released their newest album, II, on legendary New Zealand record label Flying Nun Records, home to cult favorite kiwi bands such as The Clean, The Bats, Gordons, and The Beths. While they first formed in Vancouver B.C., the members are now separated by thousands of miles, as two of the three live outside Canada. The good news is that they are now reunited for another North American tour. They recently played at Montreal’s Bar Le Ritz along with Cloud Nothings, and Our Tuesday Morning Crew got a chance to catch up with them about their new material, what it’s like being in a long-distance band, astrological musings, and their love of spas. Listen below for the full interview, or read below that for some highlights.

What’s it like writing new material while all living in different countries?

Le Ren Interview and Studio Performance

Lauren Spear, otherwise known as Le Ren, is a local Montreal musician and singer-songwriter, and she just released her double EP Songs I Outta Hear/Songs I Outta Sing. The former reads as an apology letter from a former partner, and the latter takes her perspective as she processes through loss. The music invokes the vintage country sounds of Loretta Lynn, but also repackages it for a modern context.

Le Ren stopped by our Tuesday Morning Show to chat with us about building a more inclusive country community in Montreal, why Bring it On was such a groundbreaking film, and performed some new songs from her EP.

See the video for I DID U WRONG below, and to check it her other tracks, head to Le Rens Website to purchase her EP, which comes with a lyrics book.

-Scott Huberty
CKUT Arts & Culture Dept.

Kid Koala performs live on WEFUNK Friday Nov 30th midnight - 2am

Kid Koala cut things up on the ones and twos AND threes live in studio, during WEFUNK Radio Friday Nov 30th midnight to 2am. Kid Koala, has not only blown our minds and ears with all the creative possibilities of turntables he has also expanded his “ouvre” to graphic novels, 8 bit technology, puppets, film soundtracks and interactive video games (just to name a few). Check out the two videos of this live preformance below.


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