No One Is Illegal Radio / Nov. 5, 5-6pm / Culture Shock at McGill

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On today’s No One is Illegal Radio, we feature speakers participating in QPIRG McGill’s Culture Shock, an event series on anti-racism, migrant justice and indigenous solidarity:

  • An interview with Joshua Allen, an organizer, abolitionist and freedom fighter committed to manifesting true liberation, who speaks with us about black and gender liberation struggles and alternatives to the current system.
  • An interview with Walidah Imarisha, an educator, writer, organizer and spoken word artist, who speaks with us about Octavia’s Brood, an anthology she edited, the possibilities of science fiction, and the future.
  • An interview with an undocumented women who has lived in Montreal for 35 years and who Solidarity Across Borders is currently supporting. Solidarity Across Borders is putting on a Reggae Party Fundraiser as a part of Culture Shock, to raise funds for her permanent residency application and the regularization of her status.

No One Is Illegal Radio will air today (November 5) at 5pm on CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal, or online at