Labour Radio / March 17, 5-6pm / Bill 70 and Welfare Cutbacks in Quebec

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The Quebec Government’s latest round of welfare cutbacks are swinging into high gear as the government begins the adoption process of Bill 70, which would bring workfare back to Quebec. We’ll be discussing the resistance to this draconian measure by people and families relying on social assistance. We’ll also learn more about 82 year old Pierino Di Tonno’s battle with Milano Grocery. The owners of the store are trying to evict him from his apartment and some say that it is part of a wider trend of evicting seniors and other vulnerable people when their rent is considered too low by their landlords. Martin Blanchard of the Comité Logement Petite Patrie is calling on Montrealers to boycott the Little Italy grocery store. Ruth Rose, who is giving a talk tonight at Mouvement Action Chomage will be analysing for us the discrimination against women that is inherent in the Canadian Employment Insurance system. We will also hear from Kristen Perry who, as part of a citizen’s group, is calling on the dissolution of the Energy Board, claiming that it is a rubber stamping mechanism for oil pipeline proponents. Finally the provincial budget is coming out today and we will be giving you up to the minute news and views on the impact this budget will have on precarious workers and people on low income. All this and more on Labour Radio today at 5pm!