Joni Void hosts Mtl Sessions Oct 20th & 27th 2020

L’oiseau chante avec ses Doigts - the lucid dream broadcast of Transmissions du Vide, hosted by Everyday Ago / Joni Void returns to the Montréal Sessions for two episodes/the 2 last Tuesdays of October, from 3 to 5pm. Featuring special guests: On October 20th, Beats & Soundscapes made by Valance Drakes while living in Sofia & dedicated to the Bulgaria Underground scene in the first part, followed by a horror-themed mix of favorite soundtracks by Fog Lake. The first hour on October 27th will have Backxwash presenting a selection of songs by cherished friends, & finally a season finale with La Fièvre, with a special interview + recorded performance on the occasion of their upcoming album release. Tune in & Join the Void.