If You Got Ears Brought to you by Platitudes July 2016

Platitudes hosts If You Got Ears every Wednesday noon - 2pm in July 2016.

Platitudes is a collaboration between local artist (skin tone, Shining Wizard, Jef Elise Barbara’s Black Space) and music promoter, James Goddard, and sound artist, hairdresser and feminist researcher, Julia Dyck. They also play together in local experimental pop group Soft Cone. Platitudes uses voice / bent data / musical instruments / samples and field recordings to create audio performances exploring aspects of our psycho-technological contemporaneity.

Over the month of July, Platitudes will present four original works on CKUT’s If You’ve Got Ears.

A Blizzard of Best Sellers (July 6th),

Personal Stability Zones (July 13th),

The Voice of The Dolphin (July 20th), and

The Modular “Fun Palace” (July 27th).

Tune in.