Eli Levinson Hosts Montreal Sessions November 2016


Eli works for Mundial Montreal and M for Montreal, two showcase events that close out the epic Montreal festival calendar. Both events bring industry people from around the world to see shows, network, and create business. It’s a great opportunity for artists to develop themselves professionally and for audiences to find out what the next big thing is! Mundial Montreal (15-18 Nov) focuses on world music. The event features an eclectic mix of Canadian talent, plus high caliber international acts, as well as a special series called Aboriginal Sounds that highlights new music created by Indigenous artists. M for Montreal (16-19) focuses on indie rock/hip hop/electronic music and is primarily aimed at showcasing Montreal-based artists. It has been instrumental in bringing Montreal-based talent to the world.

This month, the Montreal sessions will focus on who is playing at Mundial, and who is playing at M, with some divergences into past editions, with some special guests!

Tune in every Tuesday 3pm - 5pm or catch it on the archives