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Desi Beats is a South Asian show celebrating Desi and South Asian music with a spicy flavor. They play all different forms of South Asian music including Bollywood, Sifu, Folk, Baul, Jugni, Ghazals, Sitaar, Tabla, Sarangi Classic, Thumri, Carnatic, Bhajan, Lavani, garba, and pop in all the national and local languages.

Each week there is an overarching theme that determines the particular music, poetry, and feature stories of the week’s program. The agenda of Desi Beats is to portray the real music representing real people of certain South Asian communities to the rest of Montreal and all listeners so that they can enjoy the true essence of Desi music.

Catch this program Sunday evenings from 18:00-19:00.

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  • Dimanche 18:00-19:00
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Global Sounds

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