Samedi Midi en direct 29 Sept 2018 10:30 - 16hr

L’émission Samedi Midi diffusera directement de la foire Santé le 29 septembre, de 10h30 à 16h. Restez en ondes pour écouter Raymond Laurent et l’équipe Samedi midi, qui animeront des discussion avec la communauté de Montréal Nord et des travailleurs/travailleuses en santé publique.

Youth on the Mic - Hip Hop You Don't Stop Sept. 19th - 8 - 10pm

HIP HOP YOU DON’T STOP 2018 kicked off with a radio show on CKUT “Youth ON The Mic”. A discussion about hip hop and how it speaks about and affects issues affecting todays youth.

Full episode here

Youth on the Mic - Hip Hop You Don't Stop Sept. 19th - 8 - 10pm

Hip Hop You Don’t Stop is back with another great bunch of programming. Kicking off with a radio show on CKUT. Tune in Wed. Sept 19th from 8pm to 10pm to listen to Youth from NDG and CDN talk about the issues that affect them and the way Hip Hop addresses (or does not address) these things. The Festival takes place from Sept 19th - 23rd including a block party and film screenings in MacKenzie King Park, A bike tour of NDG & CDN, break dancing, graffiti, a barber shop competition and so much more. Hip Hop You Don’t Stop reunites rap, graffiiti, muralism, Djing, beatmaking, breakdance, streetdances, barbers, young entrepreneurs, photographers, community workers, cooks, and a diversity of humans passionate about creation and sharing.

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Miss V.R. hosts If You Got Ears September 2018


VYMETHOXY REDSPIDERS, mistress of the macabre, sorceress of the surreal and full-time sugar-manic extraterrestrial amphibian girl is here to transport your psyche to an unknown dimension of sonics so garish and absurd, emotionally excessive and bursting with chromaticity that the very subatomic particles of your being will be changed forever, like the “colour from outer space”, a trip to this zone of audio aberration will leave you entranced and transmogrified!! Each of the four episodes this month will be a visit to a different realm, each with a distinct vibe of it’s own, spanning the spectrum of psychic spaces from hysterical and berserk, to gloomily ethereal, to hallucinatory insectoid psychedelia to neon wall-bouncing jamboree and many other constellations of calamity inbetween!! But that’s not all, Miss V.R. will also host an exotic range of guests from far away lands and feature special segments that may be educational, entertaining or just plain erratic! Listen at your peril Montreal!! Each Wednesday in September - If You Got Ears - noon to 2pm.

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