Occupy Judaism on Shtetl, Friday at 11am

With Yom Kippur around the corner Shtetl speaks with Daniel Sieradski. A leading figure in Jewish activism and media, Sieradski is the heart and brains behind the Jewish response to Occupy Wallstreet: Occupy Judaism. Sieradski gives Shtetl his last media interview and explains why he is leaving Jewish public life- but not before coming to LeMood on October 14th.

Also, tune in for our yearly get together with pop star and cantor Daniela Gesundheit of Snowblink fame. Snowblink plays POP Montreal this weekend, but they probably won’t be doing the Kol Nidre so tune in to Shtetl to hear a beautiful rendition of this most stirring prayer.

Plus lots of great tunes for your pre-Day-of -Atonement pleasure.

Listen back to the archive on the Shtetl blog, or download from iTunes.

You're Up Late + A Bee-oo-tiful Video of Valleys Performing Live!

First of all, Valleys performed live on the POP Montreal Sessions the other day and it was glorious.

Check out the video below.

Secondly, courtesy of the Music Blog - you’re up late!?

Whatchya doin? Studying? Maybe listening to one of those cool campus mixtapes? I can get with that, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the comforting presence of a radio voice there with you on your all-nighter? Or, even cooler, to actually get to be that radio voice?

That’s right, we’ve got a slot open that’s fit for creatures of the night and all other humans! It’s on Tuesdays from 3-4am, and if you’re interested, please contact CKUT’s Music Department over at music@ckut.ca. From there, we can give you information on how to make a programme proposal, as well as what kind of programming and programmers CKUT looks to put on the air.

GET IN TOUCH: music@ckut.ca

Lastly, happy weekend-ing!

Losing Frequencies: The Story of 88.1FM. CRTC Turns the Dial on CKLN

Need some background? The Toronto frequency of 88.1FM was awarded to a commercial, rock station. This frequency has a lot of history. It was the former home of CKLN, Ryerson campus and Toronto community station. CKLN was known for giving air space to underrepresented communities, music and culture. It packed the airwaves with top-notch social justice programming and good beats, different from the top 40 played on most other stations. Check out the whole series on the Media Coop.

Losing Frequencies #1:OpenMedia.ca on the Big Changes at the CKLN

Losing Frequencies #2: National Campus/Community Radio Respond to Losing 88.1FM

Losing Frequencies #3: Radio Ryerson Applicants Face Defeat in Vying for 88.1FM

Losing Frequencies #4: Reflections on CKLN 88.1FM and Campus/Community Radio in Canada

Losing Frequencies #5: Looking Through the Lens of Radio Ryerson

Losing Frequencies #6: A Final Reflection on Losing 88.1FM

Follow updates from CKUT’s Community News Collective here or on twitter @CKUTNews.

Autumnal Listening: CD & Vinyl Sale this Thursday!

Volunteers and Music Department Interns going through CKUT’s billions of sonic goodies

This Thursday, September 20th we’ll be selling HUNDREDS of CDs and Vinyl Records!

We’ll be set up outside of McConnell Engineering Building on McGill Campus.

Come hang anytime between 11AM-5PM.

Not that we’re encouraging entering hibernation season anytime soon but it doesn’t hurt to pick up a couple gems & start planning a music library to get you through the chillier months.


Live Broadcast from Depanneur Le Pick Up +CKUT x POP Montreal!

The last CKUT remote at Depanneur Le Pick Up, featuring the ladies of VENUS!

You’re all aware that POP Montreal is nearly upon us and we’re teaming up with them in a big way right now.

We promise not to inundate you with information. There’s plenty happening at POP this week, but we thought we’d highlight the stuff CKUT is involved with. Plus, we kept it real organized. Visit the CKUT Music Blog for the full rundown.

Also in the news

CKUT will be broadcasting live from Depanneur Le Pick Up next Wednesday, September 19th from approximately 11AM-3PM. The broadcast will feature Venus DJs, Lynne T, Malcolm aka The World Provider, lots o’ Queer POP DJs. Gen Heistek will also join the crew to give listeners the skip on Kids POP!

Thanks to LouEase for the vid-ee-yo!

IT ISN’T ALL POP THOUGH - there’s loads of other stuff going on around town. Check out the Music Department’s latest show recommendations here.

Off the Hour features Street Beat: Homelessness and Housing at Street Level

Tonight on Off The Hour, 5-6pm:

The first edition of STREET BEAT: a weekly look at issues of homelessness and the realities facing people living on the street. Street Beat is a project of the 2012 Homelessness Marathon happening in late February on streets of Montreal and on airwaves across the country.

Listen back to the first episode: What does the Parti Quebecois offer people living on the street and facing issues of poverty and housing?

Tuesday, September 11 Street Beat featured a round table discussion in french with Margeline Dépars, co-director of RAPSIM, Aurore Larkin, a case worker from Maison Marguerite women’s shelter, and Adrienne Campbell, director of Projet Autochtones du Québec about the current needs of their organizations and the newly elected provincial government’s action plan on homelessness and affordable housing.

As always, you can find the archived show here!

Follow us on twitter @CKUTNews.

Campus Mixtapes

Image via I Heart Noise

Outside of sharing one’s excellent taste in music, one of the main attractions of DJing is exploring the creative potential of mixing tunes together, you know, conceiving a flow that’s more than the sum of it’s parts. Our programmers do this all the time when they DJ for CKUT, and we want you to get in on this action by uploading tunes to our website Campus Mixtapes!

Campus Mixtapes is a music sharing project open to any member of CKUT or member of the McGill community (students, staff, profs…). Users are free to upload mixes of any genre – whether it’s experimental freeform stuff you’ve mixed yourself, or a straightforward compilation of Top 40 hits. So go to! Especially you new members of the station and the university - it’s a great way to share your musical loves with us.

via (((Total Eclipse))) CKUT Music Dept. blog!

Eric Hanson & Fruiting Bodies live on Radio is Dead

Listen back to Radio is Dead on Monday, September 10th at 2PM for Listening at Street Level.

On Monday, September 10th, Radio is Dead featured live performances from Montreal musician and cultural worker Eric Hanson and Montreal-based acapella group Fruiting Bodies.

Listen to past performances, live storytelling, and radio theatre on Radio is Dead here!

Clip of the Week: Off the Hook

You know what Off the Hook is? Award winning HIP HOP RADIO! You can’t go wrong with that, right?

This week’s Clip of the Week is coming to you courtesy of Off the Hook. The show’s been broadcasting on CKUT for over 10 years and usually features a live call-in freestyle half hour at 1 in the morning. This week they had House Shoes on the phone and Penzo Gritty Stem, Logik Johnson, Mehdi Cee and Urban Logix in studio. If you want to be part of their weekly freestyle sesh - call the on-air studio (514.448.4013) from 1-1:30am.

Be sure to check out the Off the Hook site, check out their archived shows here and tune in every Wednesday from midnight to 2am!

Election Results Roundtable on Wednesday Morning After 7-8AM!

As all of you are presumably aware, Parti Quebecois was elected with a minority. CKUT took an alternative look at these results and more direct forms of democracy in Montreal.

Listen back to the Wednesday Morning After show from 7-9AM for an election results roundtable.

The WMA hosts talked NOT with politicians but with participants in the direct democracy movement and members from different Popular, Autonomous, Neighbourhood Assemblies (APAQs)!

Autonomous neighbourhood organizing has been growing stronger and increasingly visible in Quebec over the last year and CKUT is excited to be chatting with people who have been directly involved in making this happen. Of course, this grassroots organizing has intensified due to Quebec’s student strike and the neighborhood casseroles protests that occured in protest against Loi 78 and other harsh measures taken against student organizing.

If you missed it, be sure to listen to the archived show here.


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