STRAIGHT TALK: August’s Montreal Sessions with Jonathan Cummins

Jonathan “Cougar” Cummins and Simon “Psi Factor” Nixon continue their month long takeover of The Montreal Sessions today from 3-5pm. Just in case you’ve been living under a sound/hilarity/irreverence proof rock, we thought we’d show you a video of what you have to look forward to.

Like what you hear? Download or stream last week’s episode from our program archives.

Actions Imprévues: 540 minutes pour John cage / Unforseen Actions: 540 Minutes for John Cage

CKUThosted an intermittent John Cage inspired day of programming to celebrate Cage’s Centennial.
Wednesday, September 5th between 9am and 10pm.

CKUT as préparé une journée de programmation intermittante inspiré par John Cage pour célébrer son centenaire.
Mercredi, le 5 septembre entre 9h et 22h.

John Cage was born on September 5th, 1912, and his ideas on the musicality of sound, inclusion of indeterminate elements in composition and chance operations as structural elements in composition continue to inspire and influence the works of countless composers, musicians, performers and artists across disciplines.

Starting at 9am, Where’s the Beat? host Eliot Handleman with guest John Reya will focus their critical, no-holds-barred exploration of contemporary music on Cage. LISTEN

** Local composers, musicians, sound and radio artists presented performances, readings, and compositions by or inspired by Cage.**
The day’s programming can be accessed by clicking ont he links below The line up included:

The Red Square Report

Today’s OFF THE HOUR 5 to 6PM for updates on the Quebec Student Strike.

The Quebec Student Strike is still happening? You bet it is. Tune in for the latest news from the student movement in Quebec!

CKUT’s News team will be talking to members of the CLASSE about CEGEP strike votes, next steps, and more. There will also be an in-depth look at Friday’s event Mile End: Dans la rue pour la grève social/In the street for social strike and how community involvement and direct democracy are shaping the Student Strike.

Straight Talk: August’s Montreal Sessions With Jonathan Cummins Continues

Jonathan Cummins (of various bands and MTL Mirror fame) continues his takeover of the August Montreal Sessions today from 3-5pm. Anyone who had the unique pleasure of listening to what went down in studio last week as Cummins, self baptized on air as “The Cougar” and his trusty co host “Psi Factor” straight talked their way into the minds and hearts of young and old alike need no further incentive. As for you first timers, ready yourselves.

Will they have special guests? Maybe, but probably not. Will they insult your mother? Probably, but maybe not. Only one thing is for certain. This could very well be the soundtrack to our lives. Tune in!

Missed today’s show? Download or stream it from our program archives.

Miss Punkusraucous Rex? Check out Cummins’ new column for CULT MTL.

Words on Waves Contest: SUBMIT!

Canada Wide Call Out

Attention poets, performers and storytellers

CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal and are launching the Words on Waves, spoken word contest to showcase what you’ve got! Send us your work in mp3 audio format, or make an appointment with to record your poem at ckut studio, or send us a text file and we’ll showcase the best from Montreal and Canada on the air and at a live event..

Here’s how it works:

The top 10 will be selected by the end of November, and showcased at Words and Music event on January 20th at Casa del Popolo.

Entrants must submit a recording of spoken word poetry or prose with the following guidelines:

  1. The text must have been written by the entrant(s).
  2. Team entries are allowed, in which case you should specify all the credits in the body of the email you send us.
  3. Music and other sound elements can be used to enhance the impact of the work.
  4. The entrant(s) must own all copyrights to the recording, and release them for CKUT to broadcast only during the course of this contest. At the end of the contest all rights revert to the entrant(s).
  5. The recording must not exceed 5 minutes in length.
  6. Song entries are not eligible for this contest.
  7. Entries can be sent in MP3 format via email to

Entries will be judged weekly by a panel of writers and community broadcasters. Entries will be judged by a panel of writers and community broadcasters. All winning entries will be posted online and the public will be invited to vote for their favorites

Finalists will win prizes as yet unspecified, but which are likely to include fame, poetry and music related CDs, books, and feature performances at spoken word events.

Further details:

Radio is Dead: Listening at Street Level

The next Radio is Dead - this coming Monday, August 13th from 2 to 3PM - is the beginning of a bi-monthly project - Listening at Street Level.

Paula Belina will be interviewing Montreal singer-songwriter Katie Sevigny about her new blog that features independent women artists from all over the world.

This Monday’s Listening at Street Level will also feature a miniature radio documentary by Nick, a student of Classical Voice at Universite de Montreal.

And, of course, there will be the usual poetic and musical treats!

Catch Radio is Dead - stayin’ strong on the front lines of sound - every Monday from 2 to 3 PM.

Archive Glitch

Due to a glitch in our system, CKUT’s archives are not working for shows that took place from 3PM on Tuesday, August 7 to 1PM on Wednesday, August 8th.

Our apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding!

August Montreal Sessions: Straight Talk with Jonathan Cummins

That’s right.

This month, The Montreal Sessions will be hosted by the Jonathan Cummins, musician, producer, and writer behind the Montreal Mirror’s longstanding and much beloved column, Punkusraucous Rex. He’ll be joined by his “trusty sidekick” the PsiFactor.

Tune in every Tuesday from 3-5pm as Cummins pillages the depths of music history to bring you “some of the greatest records of all time.” A lofty goal, to be sure, but we’re confident Cummins will pull through on his promises.

Can’t get enough of Cummins? He’s got a new music column! Check out his musings on music here.

The Montreal Sessions is a monthly artist-in-residency program. Each month a new local artist/DJ/musician/band/label/festival/promoter programs a month’s worth of live, weekly radio shows, which air every Tuesday from 3-5pm. Check out the Music Department’s previous blog entries about the sessions.

P.S. Here’s a teaser of sonic awesome.

Wednesday Morning After, 7-8am: Alquimia Verbal Droppin' Lyrics Live In-Studio for Young Newcomers to Canada

VERBAL ALCHEMY and members of the team organizing the first Canadian Council for Refugees Youth Action Gathering, join the Wednesday Morning After crew live in-studio for conversation using both words and music.

Alquimia Verbal, the young Mexican duo, have been climbing their way up the ranks of Montreal’s underground hip hop scene, performing in both French and Spanish. Their name comes from the ancient practice, combining everything from chemistry and metallurgy, to astronomy, mysticism and art. On the edge of magic, alchemy was used to transform old things into new ones. The group Alquimia Verbal does the same with music. They refresh hip-hop, using the existing classical elements to form something new. Let your ears be the judge.

Alquimia Verbal will be performing this Friday, August 10th at Divan Orange for a night in support and celebration to launch the first Canadian Council for Refugees Youth Action Gathering! The Gathering will bring newcomer youth and allies from Montreal and across the country together to do what youth to best! Inspire! Create! Share! And most importantly to work together to create the kind of communities that we want to live in.

This Wednesday’s Morning After show will also feature an interview regarding the death of Fredy Villanueva, a Montreal youth who was shot and killed by a police officer in 2008.

Tune in Wednesday, August 8th from 7-8am.

Prisoners' Justice Week on CKUT: August 6th - 10th

August 10th marks Prisoners’ Justice Day - a day to commemorate and remember all of those who have died at the hands of the prison system.

CKUT’s news show - Off the Hour - will focus on prison justice related issues all week long. The week will culminate with a special feature program from 5 to 6pm on August 10th with programming produced by Prison Radio.

Artwork by Rocky Tobey. Found at Justseeds.

What is Prison Radio all about?

Prison Radio has been on the air in Montreal for more than eight years. Prison Radio seeks to confront the invisibility of prisons and prisoner struggle, by focusing on the roots of incarceration, policing, and criminalization, and by challenging our ideas about what prisons are and the people inside our jails. Prison Radio is dedicated to programming that is directly collaborative with people who are currently incarcerated. This is in the interest of forging stronger ties between incarcerated and non-incarcerated people, ensuring that prisoners have direct control over their representation, and that our understandings of prisons be informed by those who live inside their walls.

Visit the Prison Radio blog!

Off the Hour is a corporate-free news zone that reflects our community because it is made by our community. Airing weekdays from 5-6PM the show is produced by the station’s Community News Collective of CKUT volunteers and representatives from a number of community groups across Montreal.

There are many Prisoners’ Justice Day events planned across the city of Montreal. You can find more information here.

Content Details:

Tuesday/ August 7 / 5-6PM

Tuesday’s Off the Hour is jam-packed with exciting content:


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