Native Solidarity News wins NCRA award!

Congratulations to Native Solidarity News!

At the 2012 NCRA Community Radio Awards, CKUT & Native Solidarity News were presented with the award for Aboriginal culture and affairs programming.

Native Solidarity News is part of an international network of information and action in support of indigenous peoples’ survival and dignity. The show is run by volunteers committed to promoting Native self-determination, culturally, economically, spiritually and otherwise. The show is self-sufficient, without government or corporate funding. Native Solidarity News has been produced at CKUT since 1996, and is now also broadcast on several other community radio stations.

Listen to award-winning Native Solidarity News every Tuesday from 6 to7 pm or, of course, download the online archives!

It's a hot, hot summer day and Tarrus Riley is in studio!

It’s hot outside but even hotter in our studios (seriously, it’s H-O-T in there). Adding to the heat is Tarrus Riley, headliner of this year’s Montreal Reggae Fest, who has been kind enough to grace CKUT with his presence twice in one week.

You can always hear Riley spinning in high rotation on CKUT’s Caribbean shows, and listeners and programmers never get enough of him. However, this week Riley is LIVE in studio.

Tarrus Riley was on Positive Vibes this Thursday - ushering in the first day of summer. If you missed the show you can catch up by listening to the archives here.

He’ll be back on the airwaves on Saturday, so be sure to tune in to West Indian Rhythms (Saturday at 6:00pm).

CKUT Wins an NCRA Award for Creative Production on AIDS Wolf Ad

CKUT just won an NCRA award for our ad promoting local noise outfit AIDS Wolf’s last show ever. It was a bitter sweet win in that sense, as fans were sad to hear of the band’s demise.

Luckily the dry witted script, stellar production (by CKUT’s LouEase Burns), and smooth delivery of AIDS Wolf’s Alex Moskos could put a smile on even the most forlorn of followers. Take a listen to the ad for yourself and you’ll understand what we mean.

Success? Oh, there’s a sound for that. It’s called CKUT.

Text from the Music Blog

Clip of the Week: Ill Groove Garden & Manchilde

This clip is unreal. Do yourself a favour and listen to this live performance by veteran member of Ill Groove Garden - Manchilde. He joined Ill Groove Garden in studio the day after opening for Mos Def in Montreal.

This one’s free form live - free styling. Pull it up and bring it all back around!

For more Manchilde.

Ill Groove Garden airs every Sunday from 11PM to 12AM.

Radio is Dead with James Goddard


Today’s Radio is Dead will feature James Goddard’s experimental audio documentary which investigates the relationship between art and economy.

As Syphon writes in their Winter 2012 issue, “Goddard’s documentary explores the contradictory positioning of art as both luxury and labour. On the one hand, Goddard argues, art as luxury is the idea that under-girds, for example, current Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s assertion that art is a niche interest for those who attend fancy galas. On the other hand, he continues, art as labour (or at least professional practice) is the idea that sends hundreds of students into Fine Arts programs.”

This work was originally commissioned by Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre in Kingston, Ontario. To learn more about Modern Fuel, visit their site.

Catch Radio is Dead every Monday from 2 to 3 PM.

SOUND ART IN THE POOL: Solar Year's Underwater Album Launch

Presented by Pop Montreal, Suoni Per Il Popolo & CKUT

Tomorrow, Saturday June 16th at 7pm, Solar Year will be performing live at Memorial Pool for a unique underwater sound installation.

A fully submersed aquatic sensory experience, listen to the atmospheric sounds of Solar Year’s new album Waverly, floating and swimming through a quadrophonic underwater environment.

Can’t swim? No sweat.

Bleacher seating and above water speakers will be available for those without bathings suits.

Memorial Pool, 475 Ave des Pins Ouest

Cost: $5 with bathing suit / $10 without

This fall CKUT will be celebrating 25 years on the FM dial!


There are a lot of ways that YOU can lend a hand:

• Help us re-connect with all our alumni. Tell us your name, the years you participated with CKUT, your show, etc.

• Send us any photos you may have relating to CKUT’s history. We can scan them if necessary.

Help us fill in the blanks. What do you know about CKUT’s history prior to getting the FM licence? What are some of your favorite stories/memories about your time at CKUT?

• Make a musical retrospective mixtape (1987-2012!) at

• Be sure to keep checking our website for the upcoming special history section!

Contact! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Suoni Time, All The Time: Video for the Suoni Sessions

From the Music Department:

Check out this neat collage-style video LouEase made for the Suoni Sessions ad that’s playing on our radio waves these days! Tune in to the Suoni Session this afternoon (3 to 5pm) to hear Maica chat up Jen Reimer and Max Stein after their performance at the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival yesterday.

Akira Stone and EngongHiTek on World Skip The Beat

This Monday, June 11th, join host Parker Mah for a special edition of World Skip the Beat!

The first half of the show will feature an exclusive interview with Akira Stone, founder and president of Hydra Records, a Tokyo-based label that’s one of the hubs of the burgeoning beat/bass/free electro/dubstep scene in Japan, along with new tracks from Azzurro, Uhnellys, i-Dep, Coma-Chi and others, fresh finds from a recent trip! The second half will feature a live interview with Engone Endong, a producer / composer originally from Gabon now based in Montreal. Best known for his productions in the Gabonese hip-hop scene, Engone aka EngongHiTek is also the brains behind the much-lauded Sun Atsie orchestra album released last year. He will be in studio to chat about his working process, his music, his influences and – his love for Japan (not incidentally)!

Tune in to World Skip the Beat on CKUT 90.3 FM every Monday from noon-2pm.

Soyez à l’ondes de CKUT ce lundi, le 11 juin pour une édition spéciale de World Skip the Beat, animée par Parker Mah. En première partie, nous diffuserons une entrevue exclusive avec Akira Stone, fondateur et président de Hydra Records, une étiquette basée à Tokyo, qui se veut l’un des noyaux de la scène beat / bass / electro / dubstep actuellement en plein essor au Japon, accompagnée de nouveaux sons de Azzurro, Uhnellys, i-Dep, Coma-Chi et bien d’autres, trouvés recemment lors d’un trajet récent en Asie. La deuxième heure mettra en vedette Engone Endong, un producteur / compositeur d’origine gabonaise mais basé maintenant à Montréal. Reconnu pour ses collaborations au sein de la scène hip-hop gabonaise, c’est aussi Engone alias EngongHiTek qui nous a donné l’album du Sun Atsie Orchestra, sorti l’année dernière. Il sera en studio pour nous parler de son approche, sa musique, ses influences et – son amour pour le Japon!

Ne manquez pas World Skip the Beat chaque lundi entre midi et 14h à l’antenne de CKUT 90.3 FM.

Clip of the Week: "It's more than just a student thing"

This week’s clip is a choice moment from Radio Resistance on Off the Hour (May 31st).

Host Steve Duvalsaint talks with activist Wagner Pierre in Haiti about Haitian solidarity with the Quebec student strike.

From Haiti to Quebec - solidarity!

Radio Resistanz - Grassroots news and views on Haiti - airs on the last Thursday ofevery month from 5-6pm on CKUT.


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