Off the Hour / May 15th, 5-6pm / Commemoration of the Nakba

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Featured on today’s program:

Today on the show, this date marks the 67th anniversary of the Palestinian «Nakba», or «catastrophe», when the state of Israel was created in 1948. At the time, an estimated 750 thousand Palestinians were displaced from their homes and villages. Tonight, people are invited to gather at 8pm at Mont Royal metro for a Palestine solidarity demonstration, and we’ll hear from one of the organizers, Bruce Katz of PAJU, Palestinian and Jewish Unity.

Then, the Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault is organizing a demonstration in Toronto tomorrow, May 16th to protest electroshock therapy. The demonstration is happening internationally in 28 cities around the world and targets primarily the American Psychiatric Association. We will bring you more on what the protest is all about, as well as an interview with Don Weitz, an insulin subcoma shock survivor.

Finnaly, we bring you an exclusive interview with a Ukrainian film-maker, who just made a documentary about Queer rights in her home country in a time of war.

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