Off the Hour / Jan 13, 5-6pm / Je Suis Charlie & Racism in France

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Featured on today’s program:

-We’ll be live in studio with Brice Dansereau-Olivier of the People’s Commision on Political Repression. This province-wide commission began last fall, and is continuing this Friday at UQAM. We’ll get an update on the commission’s findings so far.

-Charlie Hebdo and the racist backlash against Muslims in France. We’ll speak with Kawthar Bihya, a French Muslim social justice activist, to hear her analysis on the latest events.

-And finally, the latest edition of Unfit to Print, produced by The McGill Daily. We bring you the latest in McGill news and a look at why the government has yet to implement Bill 35. Bill 35 which passed over a year ago, eliminated the requirement for trans people to get sex reassignment surgery before being able to change their gender marker on legal documents. You’ll hear an interview with peer support and trans advocate coordinator Grabrielle Bouchard from the Centre for Gender Advocacy

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