Is Canadian music boring? Really?

Last week an article titled “Canadian Music is Boring: Living in the Age of Enforced Mediocrity” was published in Calgary’s alternative weekly FFWD, and received a flurry of interweb attention.

It also got CKUT’s Music Department thinking.

Today’s New Shit (3 to 5 pm) will be dedicated to unravelling the truths, falsehoods and necessary nuances behind the claim that Canadian music is so totally and utterly boring.

The show will kick off with an interview with the authors of the article themselves - Josiah Hughes and Mark Teo- and then Jonathan Cummins (musician and music writer) will delve into the world of the Polaris Prize.

New Shit is a show curated by CKUT’s Music Department, bringing you the best in new releases every Monday from 3 to 5pm!