Off the Hour / Jan. 5, 5-6pm / Groundwire Year in Review

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Featured on today’s program:

-The Groundwire Year in Review for 2015, produced on unceded Attawandaron territory in Guelph, Ontario at CFRU, hosted by Kim Logue. This is the 2015 GroundWire Year in Review episode, where we highlight some of the most significant news stories covered by GroundWire this past year.

-Robert Neuwirth, author of “Shadow Cities: A Billion Squatters, A New Urban World”, estimates that more than a billion people–thats 1 in 7–are squatters. This week, Making Contact visits squats in Venezuela and the Philippines, and finds out why squatters aren’t just tolerated…they are crucial to the growth of major cities and national economies.

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