Off the Hour / Dec. 4, 5-6pm / 26 years since the Montreal Massacre

Tune in to Off the Hour today from 5-6pm, your volunteer-driven community news show on CKUT!

Today on the show:

-This Sunday, December 6th, will mark 26 years since Marc Lepine walked into the Ecole Polytechnique and shot 14 women dead. The incident became known as the Montreal Massacre, and has forever left its impact on our city’s feminist movement, and broader social fabric. We’ll begin the show with a live studio panel to reflect on the impacts and legacy of this shooting 26 years later.

-The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, or OCAP, in Toronto, just celebrated its 25th anniversary last weekend. OCAP organizer John Clarke joins us to discuss victories and struggles over the past 25 years of fighting poverty. He also talks about the problems we might face in the years to come in the face of austerity measures in Canada.

-Then, this Saturday afternoon, masters and bachelor students working together in 4 different departments at Concordia will be showcasing their work in Point St. Charles, at Share The Warmth, the central location of the Right To The City course. This project is framed around the concept of “spatial justice” within evolving urban landscapes. CKUT’s Claudia Edwards spoke with organizers and students involved in the course and final performances.

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