CKUT is Taking Podcast Proposals!

Calling all radio and podcast enthusiasts!

Do you want to get involved in radio production? Do you have an awesome idea for a new show? Are you interested in the world of podcasting?

CKUT radio is starting an exciting new pilot project which will give 4-5 individuals (or groups) the chance to produce their own podcast. Getting airtime on CKUT’s FM grid can take a while, but creating a podcast is a fast, effective way of spreading your ideas and entering the world of media.

CKUT can offer training, access to equipment, an extensive network of contacts and a platform to distribute your podcast to a large number of listeners.

Interested? Read more!

What is podcasting?

· A form of audio broadcasting on the Internet

· Pre-recorded audio files are uploaded and shared online for people to download and listen

· People can subscribe to podcasts, allowing for automatic and easy access to new episodes

What can CKUT offer?

· Training in how to operate the studio equipment and distribute podcasts online

· Access to studio equipment and portable recorders

· Contacts with local organizations, musicians, artists, etc.

· A platform to distribute your podcast to an already established base of listeners

What is expected of podcast producers?

· To create at least one podcast a month

· To publicize the podcast and CKUT radio station on social media and other platforms

· To help the CKUT with the annual funding drive

· To adhere to the CKUT radio station policies and mandates, found here.

How can I get involved?

· Read the CKUT mandate. Podcasts should fit with the general values of the station

· Start thinking about the content and structure of the podcast you would like to propose

· Propose a podcast by filling out our podcast submission form and emailing it to! Please specify that you are applying for the podcast pilot program.

Application form